EcoPure® is an organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade* through a series of chemical and biological processes when disposed of in a microbe-rich environment such as a landfill. It allows the plastic to be consumed by the microbes present.
At BubblePack™, our bubble wrap is locally produced with 100% environmentally friendly raw materials and is EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) free, made with low density polyrthylene resins with HCFC & CFC free gasses. ALL products undergo a strict quality control procedure, thus assuring top calibre goods produced at a fraction of a price.
How EcoPure® Works
Plastics (or polymers) are made of long molecular chains of organic molecules called monomers. Polymers do not exist naturally and most are designed to be incredibly stable – as a result they do not easilt biodegrade and will last in the environment for centuries and possibly forever. They air-tight and water-tight.
Ingredients in EcoPure® allow the formation of a coating called biofilm on the plastic. The biofilm is make up of microbes which penetrate the plastic, while other ingredients in EcoPure® expand the molecular structure making room for the microbes. Microbes send out chemical signals attracting other microbes. Collectively, they feast on the polymer chains breaking down the chemical bonds.
EcoPure® requires the action of certain enzymes for the biodegradation process to begin, so plastics containing EcoPure® will never begin to biodegrade during normal use. The by-products of the biodegradation process depend on the disposal environment, but are non-toxic and some are even economically valuable for energy, such as Methane. Other by-products include humus (which can be used to make soil richer) and carbon dioxide.
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