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Wanna be a BubblePack Reseller?

Benefits For Being A BubblePack Reseller

  • Higher profit margin for ordering directly from us as manufacturer.
  • No minimum order required for BubbleDrop.
  • Nationwide delivery for BubbleDrop Customers.

7 Reasons For Being A BubblePack Reseller

  • Pricing - BubblePack Reseller can enjoy substantial savings because the products costs are not subjected to multiple distributors' mark-ups.
  • Product Knowledge - BubblePack has the expert knowledge on products' features and limitations. We can help you to decide on the right products and accessories for your customer.
  • Technical Support - As manufacturer, we are more knowledgeable than other representatives on the products.
  • Product Customization - BubblePack can customize our product according to your customer specifications.
  • Damage Product - Contact BubblePack directly on any faulty product and we will get it solved within 48 hours - guaranteed.
  • Product Availability - Buying directly from BubblePack gives you full access to the company entire product's range.
  • Accountability - You are assured a more stable relationship with BubblePack.